The Seashell volume IV – Fall 2020 Update

Dear Friends + Families of Mae House,

I hope this newsletter finds you healthy and safe. What an incredibly challenging year this has been for all of us in so many different ways. At Mae House, we have so much to be grateful for. Our Members have stayed healthy, are happy to be together, and are engaged in lots of fun activities every day. They spend their time going for walks + bike rides around the neighborhood, doing yoga + dance videos, playing games, cooking, having tea parties, arts + crafts, hiking, swimming at friends’ pools, and Duffy boat rides. Just recently, they have been able to venture out to visit Long Beach Aquarium, Newport Pier, Sherman Gardens, local parks, and to their therapeutic horseback riding lessons. Since their day programs have been closed since March with no set date of reopening, this creates the additional cost of funding our Assistants the extra hours each day.

Our three wonderful girls have shown us their resilience and ability to keep living freely, overcoming the obstacles life has been throwing at them this year. I am so proud of our Members and our team for their incredible ability to turn this into a positive time. It is truly amazing what a difference Mae House is making in so many people’s lives.

We strive to be inspiring with the fundraising efforts this year. This Fall we have embarked on our first email campaign. Each campaign will highlight a special part of Mae House – Mary, our Nutritionist and Chef; our Assistants; each of our Members; our Healthy Meal Program. We are getting “creative” with our most recent fundraising project. Gina, Hannah, and Tanette love art projects and with Mary’s help, they have designed, drawn, and painted cards for Mae House to sell. A set of 10 cards is $20. Please see the information on Page 4 of this newsletter to place your orders. Of course, we were disappointed to not have our fun Mae House Yard Sale this past Spring, but we are planning for and look forward to the next one, scheduled for May 15, 2021. Last but not least, many of you may know about the renovation project of a 1963 Chevy Nova Super Sport Convertible. When completed, this car will be sold to the highest bidder with all proceeds going to Mae House. Our fundraising efforts also include raising money (or alternatively should we say “accepting donations”) for the parts and pieces of the project that will help to make it beautiful for the final reveal.

Special thanks to Steven Rude, who took it upon himself to run a collection campaign for Mae House. Due to Steven’s efforts, Mae House not only received numerous useful items, but more importantly, dozens of new supporters. Thanks to Steven, his family, and friends for being so inspirational to so many.

It is hard to believe that Mae House is almost four years old. We are so very grateful for all of your loving support from Day One. Your contributions touch the Mae House Members, their families, this home, and all those with connections to the girls. We rely on your support to provide us with enough capital to go over and above the funds that we receive from the State to ensure we can achieve the additional staffing needs, healthier food choices, and healthier activities. We are more than grateful and have created a comprehensive list of those that have contributed their support to Mae House as another way to say THANK YOU for truly making a difference and for being such an integral part in the lives of everyone involved with Mae House.


Love, Liz


There are many ways to enjoy Newport Beach in the Summer. We love our beaches and know how important it is to keep them clean so we organized a clean up at Blackies in October (pictured left.) And thanks to a couple good friends of Mae House, the girls got to have two afternoons full of fun! One day on Diana Landis’ Duffy Boat and another afternoon in Dan and Jeannie Stanley’s salt water pool. Both families are extremely generous of heart and we are so grateful for their thoughtfulness… the girls had too much fun!


Mae House websiteMae House has a new website! We posted lots of updated information and new photos of our Members. We especially want to draw your attention to our new pages on how to stay involved at Mae House through Volunteering, Donating, and supporting “The Garage.” We hope you might be able to take this opportunity to consider a donation to Mae House that will help us get through this challenging time and continue toward the increasingly bright future for Mae House. A big shout out to Sean Sloan of who gave his time and talents updating our website. We are thrilled with how it looks and are so grateful for his expertise.


On Monday October 26th, we sent off an email to you featuring three of our Assistants, Abi, Dina + Erica. We hope you enjoyed reading about these wonderful staff members and if you did not receive the email for some reason, please check your Spam Folder, as it may have accidentally found its way there. When hiring our Assistants, we have two main goals in mind – to bring on talented and passionate women who will be a great addition to the team + to keep turnover as low as possible. To achieve this, we pay our staff equal or more than the average pay for this position. Because of that, our staffing costs consume more than half of our monthly budget, which is only covered in part by the State. We see the payoff in this decision to prioritize our staff every day, as all three families rest well knowing their girls are in the best hands possible. If you would like to sponsor an Assistant, we would love to talk to you more about that. Please reach out to Liz to coordinate. We can set up a weekly or monthly sponsorship for one or more Assistants, depending on your budget for Donation. Big thanks to all of the team, including Francesca, Mary, Paloma, Reina, Shannon and Tinna.


A 1963 Chevy Nova SS Convertible was donated to Mae House at the end of last year and is currently in the process of being fully restored. It has had a full body facelift, will get new paint, engine, brakes…anything and everything you could dream of. We think it would be fun to involve the new owner to make the paint and interior color decisions with us. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are interested in buying this beauty.

The campaign has raised $2,662.78 so far, with a $50/month commitment from our friend Forrest Wylder. Our overall goal is to raise a total of $36,500. We have a long way to go and need your help! At the end of the restoration process, which is scheduled for early 2021, the car will be sold with all proceeds raised going to Mae House. This is such a fun opportunity for us to get involved in our community through the Mae House Garage. Please feel free to come by to Ed Slater’s garage on most Saturday mornings from 7 am – 12 pm. Ed and Jon are always getting into something good and would love helping hands.

Donate Now!
  • $100 Every nut and bolt counts, we appreciate your support of this project
  • $400 Purchase and installation of the chrome package or new carpet
  • $600 Purchase and installation of the seats or the new convertible top
  • $1,200 This amount allows us to purchase either power steering or a set of new rims
  • $2,200 Rebuild the motor for the ultimate experience in sound, safety and performance
  • $2,500 This amount allows us to have this beautiful car re-painted or add new air conditioning
  • $3,200 Completes the body work of this original 1963 Nova



To get to know our Members a little better, we asked them a few questions and we thought you would love the answers…

Go-To Karaoke Song: Shake It Off by Taylor Swift
Three words to describe myself: Comical, Dancing Queen, Active
Hobbies: I love bike rides
What makes me laugh: Hannah makes me laugh all the time!

Go-To Karaoke Song: The Macarena by Los Del Rio
Three words to describe myself: Generous, Friendly, Energetic
Hobbies I enjoy: Bike riding and art What makes me laugh: Funny noises

Go-To Karoke Song: The Climb by Miley Cyrus
Three words to describe myself: Happy, Outgoing, Creative
Hobbies: I enjoy Art
What makes me laugh: Funny movies + my family makes me laugh