Welcome to a Home for Life

"Mae House is all about the people who live and work there -
it's about the compassion, kindness, and sincerity in
the words spoken, actions taken, and love expressed."

Our Philosophy

At Mae House, we focus on the importance of building and nurturing positive relationships between our members, program staff and the surrounding community. We provide a broad spectrum of opportunities and access for our members to develop vocational, leisure, self-help, and social skills.

Mae House believes adults with special needs can and should be productive, lifelong learners. Our team is dedicated to creating and maintaining an environment that is member-centered. We understand the importance of knowing our members’ interests and asking them what they want to do each day. It is our priority to provide them with the platform and encouragement to achieve their goals. Effective and loving support is provided for members to have opportunities for personal growth, greater independence, and making friends who accept one another unconditionally. The quality care, comprehensive services, nurturing environment, and engaging programs are the fundamental elements we believe will empower our members to thrive and live a life of purpose.

Mae House is all about the people who live and work there – it’s about the compassion, kindness, and sincerity in the words spoken, actions taken, and love expressed. It’s about life unfolding in the best of all circumstances. Woven into each step taken is our commitment to bringing joy and happiness in all we do for our members and those involved in the Mae House community.

Our Ideals

Guided by our Mission and Vision statements,
we are striving to create a Home for Life.

Vision Statement

To provide a residential community and home for adults with developmental disabilities to live active engaging lives.

Mission Statement

To foster a full and abundant life for adults with developmental disabilities within a supportive and loving residential community and homes.

Inspired by Hannah

In October 2019, Hannah turned 30 years old. As she sat surrounded by family and friends singing, Happy Birthday to her, Hannah could hardly contain her happiness and excitement to blow out the candles.

Her infectious laughter filled the room and all those present were reminded of the simple truth in the power of genuine love and joy.

The gift of laughter and keeping one’s heart open are Hannah’s specialties. No matter how her day begins or ends, no matter the challenges she faces in performing everyday tasks that many take for granted, no matter what circumstances arise, Hannah finds her way back to laughter and joy. This priceless gift of genuine happiness is shared unconditionally with those around her.

Mae House is the next step in Hannah’s journey. It is the manifestation of many prayers, of the love and commitment from family and friends, and of the profound belief that Hannah and all people with developmental disabilities deserve a life of dignity, acceptance, and kindness.