Mae House Garage

Mae House Garage is the place for all classic cars, car parts, motorcycle, and bicycle enthusiasts to support Mae House. The Garage is one part of our fundraising efforts and was formed to bring together people who share this common interest in restoration, while raising money for our meaningful cause. All proceeds go directly to support the vision and mission of Mae House. The Garage is run by Board Member, Jon Marchiorlatti, and Hannah's Dad, Ed Slater.

The Garage is a place where the specialized skill of restoration is shared between those experienced and those new to the craft. It's about returning something old back to its former glory and splendor. We intend to collaborate and partner with local high schools and colleges to keep this tradition of bridging the past with the present through our restoration process.

The Garage consists of the following key elements:

Supports the Development efforts of Mae House by creating another pathway to generate donations

  • Donations consist of, but are not limited to the following:
    • Classic cars, motorcycles, and bicycles in need of restoration
    • Classic cars, motorcycles, and bicycles that have been restored and ready to be sold/auctioned
    • Money to be applied specifically towards the restoration process
    • All donors to The Garage will get a complimentary "Garage" membership, where they will get first access to bid on upcoming restored vehicles.
  • Supports the Community Outreach efforts of Mae House
    • A hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education) internship program is designed to support local high school and college students with interests in learning how to apply STEM learning concepts in the restoration process of classic cars, motorcycles and bicycles.
    • Individuals accepted in this program will receive community service hours while learning hands-on skills in the restoration process of classic cars, motorcycles, and bicycles.

For all inquiries, please contact Jon Marchiorlatti at or 949-389-7049.