Wish List

Mae House is a not for profit organization that is partially run by State funding, but primarily relies on private donations for us to exceed the minimum requirements and raise the level of care to provide outstanding programs and an excellent standard of living. In other words, do it the Mae House way! Monetary donations are important, but our Wish List allows supporters to enhance the experience of our programs, activities, and events that our Mae House Members love so much. From simple household products, to donating a group event, to sponsoring a Member, this is a great way to support Mae House. Please email us at info@maehouse.org.


✔ Mae House Adventure Van
✔ iPads for Member to take pictures, listen to music + FaceTime with family members
✔ 3 Nest Surveillance Cameras
✔ 3-wheeled bikes
• New tree for front yard
• Volunteer to maintain raised vegetable/herb garden
• Gardening supplies and plants
• Arts and crafts supplies
• Frozen yogurt vouchers
• House supplies
• Sponsor a Member
• Educational games/ learning tools
• New swing for front yard
• Funds for Chef Mary’s food prep and healthy groceries
• Therapeutic horseback riding lessons
• Therapeutic swim lessons
• New curtains and blinds
• Annual Disneyland passes
• Angels baseball tickets
• San Diego Zoo passes
• Restaurant gift cards for healthy dinners out for Members
• Hair cuts
• Mani/Pedis
• Yoga/Pilates/YMCA/Swim Lessons
• Duffy boat ride
• Movie tickets