Sponsor an Assistant

On Monday October 26th, we sent off an email to you featuring three of our Assistants: Abi, Dina & Erica. We hope you enjoyed reading about these wonderful staff members and if you did not receive the email for some reason, please check your Spam Folder, as it may have accidentally found its way there.

When hiring our Assistants, we have two main goals in mind – to bring on talented and passionate women who will be a great addition to the team & to keep turnover as low as possible. To achieve this, we pay our staff equal or more than the average pay for this position. Because of that, our staffing costs consume more than half of our monthly budget, which is only covered in part by the State.

We see the payoff in this decision to prioritize our staff every day, as all three families rest well knowing their girls are in the best hands possible. If you would like to sponsor an Assistant, we would love to talk to you more about that. Please reach out to Liz to coordinate.

We can set up a weekly or monthly sponsorship for one or more Assistants, depending on your budget for Donation. Big thanks to all of the team, including Francesca, Mary, Paloma, Reina, Shannon and Tinna.