Meet Our Members



 Mae House is so excited to welcome our newest member, Carrie Youngberg. Though she is new to living with us, Carrie is an old friend of the entire Slater family. Carrie has been so brave and excited to begin a new chapter in her life at Mae House. She is enjoying learning more about her roommates and living in a community.

Carrie likes to keep busy. She volunteers at the Senior Center three days each week and brings her sweet personality to share with everyone. The other two days, she works at the Cat Rescue Center. She loves animals and being able to care for them makes her happy. Of course, play time with the cats is her favorite part of the job.

Outside of work and volunteering, Carrie enjoys doing arts and crafts, taking walks around Balboa Island, blowing bubbles, and swimming. We look forward to supporting Carrie as she learns and grows at Mae House.



Tanette is thrilled to return to her Day Program full-time. Each day during the week, she goes to Aspire for a full day of learning and socialization. This is a special place for our artist. She learns so much in her classes and enjoys being around her friends and teachers. We can’t wait to see the Holiday Production. We know Tanette has been working hard and having lots of fun.

Animals bring tremendous comfort and love for Tanette. She looks forward to seeing Remy at The Shea Riding Center all week long. Tanette has learned a lot about horses and enjoys being around them. She also loves walking + playing with Maisie and Kapt and the dogs often call out for her before she even reaches the door.

Tanette also loves going to Knotts and riding the rollercoasters. She does not get scared at all and can be heard screaming her heart out on all of the rides.



Gina is back at work at Vons Pavilion, three or four times a week. She has adjusted extremely well to working full shifts after being away during the lockdown. Customers and colleagues are happy to have her welcoming and friendly personality back in the store.

Each week, Gina looks forward to working with the different horses at the Ortega Equestrian Center. Being with the horses brings her a lot of peace and happiness. We have seen her grow to better recognize how different emotions impact her well-being and those around her. During her weekly sessions, Gina sees how her feelings impact the horses’ behaviors and it is wonderful to witness her develop these strengths.

In between it all, Gina loves to sing karaoke, practice yoga, go to Knott’s Berry Farm and simply laugh and joke around with her roommates and the Assistants.



Hannah is making a gradual return to her Day Program at Goodwill. Each Friday, Hannah goes on a fun outing and then enjoys lunch out with her coach. It is a lot of fun for Hannah to see her friends and Staff at Goodwill. There are always a lot of stories when she returns home to Mae House.

Mariners Church has recently resumed in-person activities in their Exceptional Adult Program. Hannah was able to attend a dance and participated in outdoor yoga where she met new friends. Being with others allows her to express herself + share her outgoing and bubbly personality with others.

As always, Hannah goes to The Shea Center to see her horse, Hope, for her Therapeutic Riding lesson each week. Her instructor and volunteer always make her feel safe and supported, while they listen to her chat away as she simultaneously does her exercises.