Mae House – 2021 in Review

Dear Friends + Families of Mae House,

Mae House - a home for adult women with special needs WOW – we are so excited to have a full house at Mae House. After praying and waiting patiently for the right fourth Member to complete Mae House, Carrie joined us at the end of September. We are thrilled + overjoyed to welcome another roommate, who is quickly becoming like a sister to Gina, Hannah and Tanette. Carrie did so well with this big transition in her life and she fits right in with her sweet nature and common interests.

Although this has been a year full of uncertainty, Mae House has used this time for refinement in our programs and daily structure of everyday life in the house. Under the strong leadership of our Administrator and Executive Director, Annie Mai Bevacqua, we have kept a safe & healthy environment for the Members and Assistants. Our Assistants have made such a wonderful difference with their calm demeanor and positive energy, which gives the girls a lot of confidence.

Day programs and jobs have reopened so the girls are back at it. They also continue with their bike rides, neighborhood dog walks, beach walks, and fun outings on the weekend. With Mary’s help, Carrie, Gina, Hannah and Tanette creatively designed and painted Christmas cards that are for sale now. Please see the information on Page 5 to place your orders.

Our Nutritious Meal Program continues to be a success in keeping the girls healthy & strong. When the Mae House girls gather around the table for dinner together every night, they join hands and say a blessing. They often say what they are grateful for and pray for the people most special to them. The ceremony of the meal is as important as the nutritious food. Carrie, Tanette, Gina + Hannah value the time they spend together at the end of every day, as a family. Thank you to Mary for continuing to provide delicious + nutritious meals to fuel our girls each day.

Mae House continues to make a difference in so many lives – we see love, respect, learning + joy in the interactions between the Members, the Assistants, their family and friends, our neighbors, and so many people in the community.

With Mae House quickly approaching its fifth year in operation, we’re planning some very exciting things in the near future. We plan to expand the number of members on our Board of Directors in 2022. Please let me know if you have interest in discussing your potential personal interest in a position. We are also considering either an expansion of our current location to house six Members or finding another location for our second home.

We hope to bring back our Annual Yard Sale and are planning for Saturday May 14, 2022. At our first Yard Sale, we felt our community come together, as friends + neighbors alike donated + gathered for a fun day. We will begin collecting donations next April.

Our biggest fundraiser this year will be the Sale of the 1963 Chevrolet Convertible Nova Super Sport, which Jon + Ed have been restoring meticulously for nearly 15 months. Please see page 5 for the full story.

We receive many donations in memory of the deceased. Please know that we keep them + all of you in our prayers.

Your contributions + continued support keep Mae House operating at its best to care for Carrie, Gina, Hannah + Tanette. Thank you in advance for your consideration of another donation. We are most grateful.

For more information about Mae House, please visit our website and follow us on Instagram @maehouse_.

Blessings! Love, Liz