Animal Therapy

At Mae House, healthy living in body, mind and spirit is a large part of our everyday practice. One of the ways we explore this is through time spent with animals as a therapeutic tool to bring more calm and joy into the lives of our Members.

Hannah and Tanette go to The Shea Center weekly for Therapeutic Riding Lessons. They practice caring for and riding their, Hope and Remy, which have shown to significantly improve their bodies’ physical strength + reduce any anxious feelings they may have that day. Hannah has been involved in this Program for over 15 years and Tanette joined 2 years ago. Gina is involved in a program called Harmony with Horses at the Ortega Riding Center. She is also learning how to process her emotions and find ways to decrease her stress level while building deep connections with the horses.

Carrie works at the Cat Rescue Center twice a week. During her time there, she is responsible for looking after the cats, feeding them, brushing them and most importantly, she loves petting them. Carrie feels comforted when she cuddles with the cats and her job brings her great satisfaction because she sees how happy the cats are when she is there.

Most recently, the Members at Mae House have partnered up with some friendly neighborhood dogs that they walk and care for throughout the week. This gives our girls a great excuse to get some exercise + sunshine as well as learning about responsibility. Each dog has a different personality, so the girls have a lot of fun learning how to best interact with each of their furry friends.

Animals are such loving + joyful creatures and all of our Mae House Members absolutely benefit from the relationships they foster.